naano tani vs. baitong ~xystemes~auxiliary discourses on mixed tropics folklore and language through physical and digital artifacts.////////////////////////////////////////////somewhereinfoliage





Showcased at MoMA PS1, FriedrichshafenTechnik Museum and Peer to Space Gallerie in Münich, ASM(V)R is an experiment in binaural audio and sound-reactive visual meditation. Created in collaboration with NYC-based artist collective and label PTP Records, ASM(V)R seeks to explore the Uncanny Valley of intimacy in the ASMR Youtube community in the first-ever virtual reality ASMR experience.

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) refers to the experience of head tingling caused by sensory stimuli on the skin. It is a blissful, emotional response often creating goosebumps and can also be triggered by digital media, such as virtual reality experiences.
The project was the fruit of a collaboration with Salome Asega and Reese Donohue.