naano tani aka baitong ~(extension) is a solo, speculative design alter ego of tongkwai L. It proposes auxiliary discourses on mixed identities, folklore and language through physical and digital artifacts.///////////////////

~graphic design
  ~hyf stems                
  ~humixen 76.5              
   ~ asm(v)r  
  ~ 5hundred lives  without debt
   ~lam thai
~spectral bias
  ~preface to siamese  vernacular





    ~Lam thai is an interactive experience that borrows the layout language of internet “tutorials”- by which we are encouraged to “learn” via digital exchange. In this case, the user is instructed to follow a traditional thai dance, only to be met by a disruptive soundtrack, generated by the user’s movements . The thematic highlights the discrepancy between physical and online learning, and aims to make the user aware of cultural dislocation, often ignored when consuming //non-local// artefacts online.

coded with processing.