naano tani vs. baitong ~xystemes~auxiliary discourses on mixed tropics folklore and language through physical and digital artifacts.////////////////////////////////////////////somewhereinfoliage







    ~there are common beliefs that concepts of Folklore are rooted in past contexts, divorced from how we may approach new technologies.  This web-based, audio/visual project addresses these boundaries. By re-imagining the hyperlink pathways of Thai/Isaan folklore through the design language and aesthetics of Geo Cities, the homepage presents itself as an abandoned “work in progress”. Combining traditional content within digital architecture, this project goes as two-fold: It conveys geo cities as a displaced habitat: because the habitat has been left, it showcases broken links ans hyperlinks towards websites referring to non- indigenous archives of Isaan culture.

Spectral Bias plays with ideas on how to organize epistemologically scarce systems into conspicuous information. The theme of “Spectral” unfolds in the following statements:
*spectral as in the feeling of unfinished.
*spectral as in implication for traces and death.
*spectral as a simulated habitat that was left neglected.

This net 

coded with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Showcased for the Alone Together Series in 2016.