naano tani aka baitong ~(extension) is a solo, speculative design alter ego of tongkwai L. It proposes auxiliary discourses on mixed identities, folklore and language through physical and digital artifacts.///////////////////

~graphic design
  ~hyf stems                
  ~humixen 76.5              
   ~ asm(v)r  
  ~ suad mon
   ~lam thai
~spectral bias
  ~preface to siamese  vernacular





suad mon was a site-specific, audio reactive installation that took place at the Thai Theravada Buddhist temple in Elmhurst, Queens, december 2016. Made in response to King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s passing, the temple members experienced a 3d-rendered environment containing visual tropes of state-sponsored “Thainess”, utilized as locus of solace and guidance during their time of mourning and prayers. Displayed on a built-in TV located in the prayers room, the visual dynamics are triggered by the sound frequencies emanating from the monk’s prayers. Its goal was to accompany the members towards an alternative space of comfort during their time of mourning. (password for video - suadmon)