naano tani aka baitong ~(extension) is a solo, speculative design alter ego of tongkwai L. It proposes auxiliary discourses on mixed identities, folklore and language through physical and digital artifacts.///////////////////

~graphic design
  ~hyf stems                
  ~humixen 76.5              
   ~ asm(v)r  
  ~ 5hundred lives  without debt
   ~lam thai
~spectral bias
  ~preface to siamese  vernacular




September 2020 - Bin Ends, Curated by Salome Asega. Part of Radical Simulations, Gray Area Festival

November 2017 - April 2018- Schöne Neue Welten. Virtuelle Realitäten in der zeitgenössischen Kunst, Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany.

September 2017 - Uncanny Conditions, Peer to Space Galerie, München, Germany.

March 2017 - Record Day fair, Moma PS1, Long Island City.


06:21:19 HECHA pop up show w~Speaker Music, vveiss @ Refuge Arts Brooklyn

06:22/19 // CONCRETE, HYF STEMS and Yosuke DJ @ pier in Philadelphia


05:11:19 Boiler Room: NYC Warehouse Party

04:06:19 // HYPH STEMS: A TOPOGRAPHY w/ Just Dosha, dj Bebe, Ren G, Phoneg1rl, pH, Reginald

02:23:19 // GARDENS with Josey Rebelle, Shanti Celeste, Phoneg1rl, Stud1nt, Cashu, dj Jor, Enayet

01:04:19 // American Dream Corp w Xglare, Alien D, Sebastian

11:11:18 - HYPHORIA with Juliana Huxtable, False Witness b2b Kilbourne, DJ Delish, Dee Diggs, Sunday Church, pH b2b Reginald

09:01:18 @ SWALE, TBA

08:25:18 // XMBD b2b with pH @ Mood ring, , BK, NYC

08:11:18 // Sweat Equity w Tygapaw, Via App, C powers, Pulsum, Church Goer @ The Glove, Brooklyn, NY

07:26:18 // W Kfeelz @ Nowadays, Brooklyn, NY

07:14:18 // Hot n Spicy w Acemo, NK Badtz Maru, Ka wai @ Mood Ring, Brooklyn, NY

07:07:18 // Fourth World x Boiler Room @ Sugar Hill Disco Club, Brooklyn, NY

06:30:17 // w Nidia, Umfang, Battyjack @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

06:15:18 w Mike Bloom, Solpara @ Tilt, Brooklyn, NY

06:01:18 Conduit No.3 w P Leone, Analog Soul @ H0l0, Brooklyn, NY

04:20:18 // w dj Delish, Profligate, Yohsuke dj, Extant, Wall Peeler @ Lacquer, Philly

02:23:18 // w Umfang, Bryn Barnett 4 Technofeminism @ BNCC, BK

02:10:18 // w Umfang 4 the Discwoman Takeover @ Cinderblock People, Harlem, 4-7pm

11:12:17 // Bossa Nova Civic Club w/ Traxman, Bearcat, Yosuke DJ, DX-60

09:08:17 // Halcyon w Umfang, DX-60, Reginald

09:07:17 // H0l0 w/ Debit, Lea Bertucci, m.cro

09:01:17 // Silent Barn w/ vveiss, flower gaze, lotus moon

8:29:17 // Bossa Nova Civic Club w/ DX-60, Scallywag, Peter Fonda

08:22:17 // Bossa Nova Civic Club w/ False Witness, FXWRK, Reginald, DX-60

8:5:17// Yaeji’s Curry in No Hurry

06:15:17 // Studio Lam w/ DX-60

05:22:17 // GROOVY GROOVY w/ Chevel, Aurora Halal,